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Interested in becoming an official volunteer for Kids 4 Earth, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit? Learn more about how to join and earn volunteer hours by reading below.

Become a Volunteer

1. Sign Up

Fill out this Google Form to become an official, verified member of Kids 4 Earth. After you have been officially registered, you will receive an email with information regarding how you can start volunteering immediately.

Registration Form

3. Get Started

Either by yourself or with a few friends, start collecting clothes in your community. Although this is an ongoing process, you must get started within the next 14 days. Reach out to neighbors, family, friends, and local organizations to request donations! As you work, please ensure that you document all your work (with pictures and measurements) as described in the Volunteer Handbook.

2. Read the Volunteer Guide

Once you have officially been registered as a Kids 4 Earth volunteer, we will send you our Volunteer Handbook. This guide outlines the exact steps of how you can set up donation bins around your community and/or organize clothing drives.

4. Submit Hours for Approval

After you have held a clothing drive or collected some amount of clothes in donation bins, submit details of your work. Please make sure you keep pictures and receipts of your activities!

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