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Start a Chapter

Why should you start a Chapter?

Kids 4 Earth chapters are the #1 way of expanding our non-profit and achieving our goal of reducing climate change.


We follow a co-op model: as a chapter, you can independently organize collection drives and donation bins while following our guidelines (using the Volunteer Handbook). As part of the Kids 4 Earth non-profit, you will receive guidance, resources, and service hours from us!

What is a Chapter?

A chapter can be 3 people or 50 people, as long as everyone is dedicated to helping the environment. Your chapter can be in the local area (such as your town or community) or your school.

Please note the difference between volunteering and starting a chapter:

  • Volunteering - individual projects (Ex: a clothing drive every few months, a few clothes donated by neighbors/friends)

  • Starting a Chapter -

    • Long-term commitment to Kids 4 Earth 

    • Becoming a leader in your community

    • More opportunities for service hours

    • Recruiting new members

    • Help build partnerships with other local organizations & maintain these relationships

    • Expand Kids 4 Earth

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Step 1

Fill out the Chapter Registration Form below. Within a few days, you will receive an email from us providing resources & the Chapter Handbook to help you get started.

Registration Form

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Step 2

If you plan to be a school chapter, introduce Kids 4 Earth to your school first.

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Step 3

Appoint chapter officers and set responsibilities for each person. These are outlined in the Chapter Handbook.

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Step 4

Recruit members to join your chapter: friends, neighbors, school classmates, etc.

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Step 5

Start planning out fundraisers/ideas for upcoming activities and get started! Some simple ways to start out are: setting up donation bins in your community or hosting collection drives. Plan at least 1 event (whether big or small) each month.

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Step 6

Each month, a Chapter Leader must fill out our Google Form telling us what you have accomplished/planned in the past few weeks. It's okay if you don't have a huge event every month! We just want to see some progress made.

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