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Kids 4 Earth

Youth-led environmental nonprofit

Who We Are

Kids 4 Earth is a youth-led nonprofit working to reduce climate change. We are actively collecting clothes, books, and toys in order to reduce waste in landfills. By doing so, we can lessen greenhouse gas emissions and slow down global warming. Our donations find new homes with children in underprivileged communities locally and around the globe. Together, we are shaping a greener, kinder world.

Past Projects


Are you a student or youth looking to help out the planet? Get involved with Kids 4 Earth! You can earn volunteer hours while helping the planet and people around the world.

You can either be a volunteer directly for Kids 4 Earth or start your own chapter under us!

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Get Involved

Our Mission

At Kids 4 Earth, we are dedicated to helping create a healthy, sustainable world for future generations. As a group of students, we aim to raise awareness about the short-term & long-term effects of global warming and climate change on our planet. Our members lead programs and initiatives in their local communities to reduce waste and clean the environment.


Zero Waste




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